What is creativity?

What is creativity?

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What is creativity?

What is the meaning of Creativity?


According to Wikipedia, creativity is an original thought, the generation of new ideas or concepts that usually produce original solutions.

In short: the ability to create something new that makes sense in some way.

Many times we have heard someone say that he is not creative and we have asked ourselves: Is creativity a skill, a technique or a gift? What some have and others do not?

We all have the disposition to be creative and there are many areas to develop it.
Being children, we were creative. We just have to remember the fantastic games that we invented or how we played with a stick and a stone for hours and hours.

Then, for our environment and education, creativity can fall asleep a little. We are unaccustomed to being creative.
However, we really use our creativity every day for many things, solving problems or planning holidays, for example.

And, definitely, you can learn to be more creative, as you learn to read and write. There are many things we can do:


• Find something that you are passionate about.

Find what you are good at doing and you love it. Find your most authentic self and enjoy it with all your being, energy and passion.


• Play

With a ball or a board game, the important thing is to have fun. Simply, playing you discover many things, the key is in your imagination!


• Get out of your comfort zone.

Looking at things from another perspective and acting against our customs requires courage. Dare and forget about the others. You may not be the best at dancing or painting, but you know how to have fun, so do it.


• Learning new things is great!

All knowledge is a new piece to use when solving problems and having fun, no matter what it is.The more things you know, the more possibilities there are.