Scrapbooking Tutorial with Playscrap

Today I present in a surprise entry, outside the posts of Fridays, a collaboration that makes me very excited. We have prepared 2 great Scrapbooking tutorials. We publish them at the same time, one in each of the two Blogs (and that’s called “Bloghop”, in case you had not heard it before:)

Home tutorial

The color palette and the designs of the papers are great. It’s almost worth cutting them out with the “monkeys” they are! They make it so easy, so easy …. Any design sure is a success !!

I have been lucky enough to try the scrapbooking paper kit and the Project Life cards. The first is a kit containing 10 12×12 “double-sided stamped papers belonging to the” Connect “collection, which is more beautiful! And the second kit contains 100 Project Life cards also from the “Connect” collection that are to die for love !!

Finally, after many laps, I decided to use as a base for the layout that has become my favorite role of this collection: Those turquoise and white stripes are total!

To complete the composition I have focused on using mainly Project Gold cards. You know, that’s why the friends are a TREASURE (hahahaha) that along with the title and some ornaments give the golden touch to the composition.

To begin with I applied a small layer of gesso vertically to center the area on which I will work.

Then I have chosen the cards and I have dedicated to cut some details.

Next, I have prepared the composition on the page and made small marks with a pencil to make clear the areas that will be hidden under the papers and photos.

Now is the time “potingues” How I like !. If I can not resist, it is superior to me, I had no choice but to make a mixture with molding paste, the golden liquid ink and glitter also golden. It could also be called “brilli-brilli moment”, right? ;-)

Applying the mixture with a spatula on a stencil, you get precious details and brings volume to the bottom.

Once the bottom is dry, I’ve pasted the photos. Previously I scraped the edges of the papers with the scissors and smeared the edges of the photos to age them slightly.

Covering the photos with a paper, I made splashes with both gold and turquoise.

Again, the “brilli-brilli moment” appears, and, in the absence of golden letters, I have painted the letters of cardboard with the liquid gold paint using a brush.

Well, and you just have to write a little journaling and add some ornaments to finish.

And voila! Layout finished and ready to fatten my album! ;-)

I hope you liked it and that you are encouraged to use the papers. They are great!!