The power of little changes

The power of little changes

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Little Changes

The funniest days are when I do something different. My work is every day new and exciting, but sometimes I feel bored. Especially if you have to do something that is not my favorite occupation.

Little changes

Then I come up with some weird ideas I could do, if I dared to do them. And then I do some of them. That always works. Boredom is gone and endless fun! And in step it also encourages creativity.

That’s why I propose a challenge: Incorporate each day one of these small changes in your routine until the week.


1. Monday – Greet anyone. With a smile! For advanced: Say “Bonjour” instead of “Hello”. You will see that change!

2. Tuesday – Learn a joke and tell anyone you would normally have a short conversation with.

3. Wednesday – Tell the truth for a whole day. Beware of the question “What’s up?”!

4. Thursday – Do something that is really bad for you. I tried the other day to sing (that badly I do) when they called me on the phone. We laughed a long time, really. Mind you, it should only be done with close friends! (I.e.

5. Friday – Point out everything that needs to be done today. Now he decides not to do a single thing on this list. Instead, take a nap, eat an ice cream. You will feel like a child who skips school.

6. Saturday – Guerrilla Art: Write several notes in “Post it” and go out to the street to paste them on benches, traffic lights etc.

7. Sunday – Enjoy each of the daily chores you have to do today. Note how soap smells when you take it to scrub dishes. Feel the temperature of the water, the feel of the sponge. With this technique of “mindfullness” is to live the present more consciously and with all the senses.


Happy creativity and an exciting week.