Creativity from two points of view

Creativity from two points of view

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Creative Interview

Behind Playscrap there are two very creative girls. They are the ones who make things possible. Those who take initiative and change what they do not like. They live life in their own way. With its own rules. Cool girls. They inspire me and in the end we are going to change the world a little together …

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On Tuesday he left his tutorial Scrapbooking great with the papers of Crealoo and today we completed the week with a little interview that I did. The two have completed 7 phrases about their creative life, each from their point of view.

   A special trick to inspire you …

Lorraine: Clear the mind, open your eyes wide and observe toooodo what surrounds you.

Beatriz: Observe with a different perspective and perspective the small things of the day to day.

 Your favorite tools are …

Lorena: my head, not for a moment!

Beatriz: Difficult choice, my basics: Camera, black marker, my idea book, precision scissors and glossy glue.

    An essential skill to work creatively …

Lorena: knowing how to look for the nice side of things.

Beatriz: Letting go and enjoying what is being done, without thinking of pressure or criticism.

    A moment flow …

Lorena: when you are visited by “muses” and immediately you are doing with your hands everything that your head has imagined.

Beatriz: When I totally connect with what I am doing, forgetting about the time and what surrounds me.

   The best and worst thing about working for yourself is …

Lorena: The best: you enjoy every moment and the degree of commitment that you get with yourself. The worst: the amount of time “incalculable” you dedicate.

Beatriz: The best: You own your time, your goals and you have a great feeling of personal fulfillment and the adrenaline full! The worst: Know how to measure commitment, know how to say no and prioritize (you always want to reach everything).

    You’ve learned lately …

Lorena: to have an illusion for each and every one of the things that happen to me.

Beatriz: Do not punish me for not reaching everything. Value and enjoy much more of my time with myself and with mine.

Creativity is …

Lorena: is the ability to create something that previously only existed in your head.

Beatriz: the ability to express and shape your ideas by creating something real.