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protecting your wheels
This guest article is excellent for people who want to protect their tire rims from scuffs and damage caused by hitting the curb or getting to close to things when driving. Also from rocky roads and dusty environments.   Let’s take a look at the typical reasons for rim damage Despite the fact that rims […]
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Creative Interview
Behind Playscrap there are two very creative girls. They are the ones who make things possible. Those who take initiative and change what they do not like. They live life in their own way. With its own rules. Cool girls. They inspire me and in the end we are going to change the world a […]
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Little Changes
The funniest days are when I do something different. My work is every day new and exciting, but sometimes I feel bored. Especially if you have to do something that is not my favorite occupation. Little changes Then I come up with some weird ideas I could do, if I dared to do them. And […]
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What is creativity?
What is the meaning of Creativity?   According to Wikipedia, creativity is an original thought, the generation of new ideas or concepts that usually produce original solutions. In short: the ability to create something new that makes sense in some way. Many times we have heard someone say that he is not creative and we […]
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Today I present a surprise entry, outside the posts of Fridays, a collaboration that makes me very excited. We have prepared 2 great . We publish them at the same time, one in each of the two Blogs (and that’s called “Blog hop”, in case you had not heard it before:) Home tutorial   The […]
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