Trends for projects DIY – Leather & concrete

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The mission behind DIY – Do it yourself is to make yourself the things you like, play with your creativity to adapt the trends to your liking and move to action, instead of just consuming.

That is why I have selected the trends of the moment (you can see them in this and this entry) and I propose ideas to carry out with simple steps.

For this door stop I have used the concrete preparation of the Imperfection Kit and the leather handle of Sashiko Embroidery Kit. The combination of cold and minimalist concrete with the warm and soft leather gives the object a sophisticated look.

To do this I have first prepared the mixture according to the instructions in a plastic container. A small trick is to add the express tail of the Kit to get more resistance. As a template I used a carton of milk. I cut the top so I can insert the concrete better.

Then I cut the skin to the measure of 2.5 cm x 15 cm, I have folded and inserted in the concrete. After a day you can uncoff and sand the corners. Ready to stop that door that does not remain is your place.

The great advantage of working with concrete is that it can be permanently fused with other materials and thus create different and unexpected combinations.

Happy creativity.