Like not having time to power the creativity

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The biggest obstacle to creativity is lack of time. It’s what you tell me the most in the mails and also my own experience. The feeling of not getting to do everything that you propose and that you would like to do. There is no time left at the end of the day. There is no time to be creative.


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And how would it be if it were good for creativity not to have time? Having limits encourages creativity. Nothing further, in the first place we can be creative making time for it. Here are some ideas that come to mind.


– Notes: Always carry a notebook with you and write down everything that goes through your head. What you want to do, what you want to learn, obligations, tasks, ideas. All! Once pointed, do not think about it any more. That frees space in your head. Do not use your head to store tasks. Use it to think and create.

– Lists the notes to specific lists. I have for example lists for possible products, tickets for the blog, trips I want to do, things to do in my free time. Every aspect has a place.

– Set Priorities When you pass the notes to the corresponding lists, keep in mind what importance you want to give them. (Eye, be creative must have lots)! You can program them (Tasks and events to Google Calendar) or simply point to an eternal list (with Evernote) so you do not forget.

Timetable – Every task has to be given the necessary time. But no more. And keep it! (I still fail enough to fulfill this aspect:)

Focus time – Spend some time organizing the tasks. Then you only complete the list in order. Do not look at what you have to do later or tomorrow.

Logbook – When the day ends, keep the note with the tasks that you have completed. (I pass my list of the day to another folder in Evernote). That allows you to easily see what you have done each day. Do a review at the end of the week with a short list of what you have achieved. It helps me a lot to be motivated.


– Avoid unnecessary things like TV, Facebook, mobile.

Do less: Try to schedule fewer tasks so that you can focus all your attention on one thing. With “Monotasking” it ends earlier and more relaxed. One thing at a time. Then another.

Have less: A few years ago it occurred to me to order my whole house and it took 2 weeks (1). Since then I have made a habit of ordering and throwing. Every season change I do one more cleaning to the bottom. Now it is really fast. In a single morning I can go over everything. At the same time I follow some basic guidelines: Only things that excite me enter the house. And for every new thing that comes in, another has to go. That helps not waste time looking, ordering, or cleaning. More time for creativity.

Do not do things – There are things that simply do not have to do. If you do not like it or it is very important, do not do it. (I do not iron) That frees time for things that you like and if they are important.

– Do it first – Choose what’s important and do it first. That means that all other things are not done first (note to self:)


It is clear that we have time for the things we give priority to. If you want to do something, but you are not motivated, simply start. Has it ever happened that it has taken a lot of work to sit down to finish a task, but as soon as you were doing it you could not stop? Motivation is doing.

– It all starts in the head It changes the way of thinking. If you think you can make time for what matters to you in your life it will be much easier to get it. Start now! The only way to have time in the future is to make time right now.

More time still:

– Brainstorming Aim 10 ideas to have more time.

– Learning It is always a good idea to learn from others. Ask your friends how they manage to make time.

The added value

It may be more comfortable to follow the same routines and habits. We tend to postpone the changes. But when you act, you pursue your purposes and you get to do what you wanted so long is an incredible energy injection!

Happy creativity.